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2 Card Draw

2 Card Draw

Let me help you use the tarot to guide you. Ask me a question :)  You can ask a specific question or I can shed light on one specfic area of your life. Be as open and honest as you feel comfortable. Everything is confidential. The more information I have regarding the situation, the better I can read the energies and tap in emapthically to the situation. I also helps greatly if you provide any astrological information regarding the parties involved i.e. Sun, Rising and Moon if you have them. I thank you for honoring me with this opportunity to serve you.


You Will Receive:

- A picture of your spread

- A written reading that you can keep forever containing the explaination of the cards and actionable advice to move towards what serves your highest good.


    All sales final unless. If you are unhappy with the information provided please reach out and I am sure we can come to some agreement. I will never leave you feeling unheard.


    All readings and corresponding photos will be sent to your email address. Please be sure to check your junk mail if you do not see a conformation email from me :)